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Online marketing has become the spinal column to every successful business. Everyone is fighting for the best in their business and corporate organizations. They are all looking to hire freelancers to write their web content or blogs,product descriptions,product review,company review and generally anything that is concerned with online marketing. Which is a great move towards successful marketing but the question is do they know what it takes to be the best freelance writer?, the truth is marketers do not actually know what are the qualities of a good freelance writer,you find them struggling so much in order to make the right choice when it comes to hiring a freelance content writer.

If you are responsible for keeping a blog moving or you own a blog then you can testify that there has been a common question asked by many marketers,’ how can I hire the best freelance content writer?’. Well this is because most marketers lack the knowledge about freelancing,they do not know what happens in freelance world, they cannot tell the difference between a good and experienced freelancer and just a beginner freelance writer. This is because they are used to looking for job titles and responsibilities when they are making a new hire instead of reading through a writers portfolio and look at their past work samples to see if they can compel quality narrative or write good content.

The only mistake that a marketer makes and it leads to their struggle when it comes to hiring a freelance content writer is they tend to translate their professional experience of hiring new candidates to freelancing. Marketers are skilled to always run a professional background check when considering new candidates,in most cases they are accustomed to reviewing someone’s resume and then gauging their experience and translating this to content marketing will strain things because you just cannot tell a good freelance content writer by looking at their resume.

The struggle is real and that is why there are online market places where marketers can get connected to freelance content writers. For example contentmart is a top online platform that helps freelance writers to showcase their writingskills and marketers to get connected to the best content writers ever. Contentmart has been registering the best freelance writers for years, so they have surety that through them you can hire the best freelance writer because they only select the best,writers have to prove their language command by passing three levels of English test, they also upload their work sample which will give you a lead on their writing skills and experience, writers also have ratings according to their writing skills. So you do not have to struggle with hiring writers.

Do not hire freelance writers based on their resume because it will be tricky for you, a person can have a great resume and zero experience or knowledge in content writing and again not all freelance writers have good job titles. Your top writer does not have to be an expert in marketing but he should definitely be able to writing a quality marketing content.

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