Royal Mail Franking Machine Handy Hints

Royal Mail Franking Machine Handy Hints

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If you’ve got a newly purchased or rental smart technology franking machine or are interested in how the system works then read on, these hints should offer clarity and a little reassurance.

Franking machines don’t require engineering degrees. They are easy to use; you just need to familiarise yourself with them. In the same way that any new appliance in your kitchen can look alien on day one, you’ll be an old hand with it after a week.

  • Royal Mail red pouches are used for 1st class franked mail.
  • Green pouches are for 2nd class franked mail.
  • International mail is placed in white pouches.
  • Different sized mail must be separated by pouch as must domestic and international.
  • 200 small envelopes maximum and 45 large envelopes maximum in their respective pouches.
  • Different weights are batched together with elastic bands within the pouches.
  • g. 10 X 20 small envelopes, less than 100g in one elastic band and 20 X 10 small envelopes between 101 and 250g in another.

For packages, use mailbags and ensure that they weigh no more than 11kg in total. A red label applies to 1st class, the green label to 2nd class, like the pouches.

All Royal Mail franking machine processed special delivery, guaranteed mail and signature required services post must be placed in a separate bag and labelled with details.

You cannot use franking machines to provide reply envelopes e.g. an R.S.V.P. note. Royal Mail franking machine data is time sensitive and it must be accurate and because there’s no guarantee that the S.A.E. will be used or used quickly they don’t allow reply envelopes.

You are permitted to frank mail for dispatch on the following day. For example, you need to get 500 envelopes containing contract revisions processed today with tomorrow’s date on so that all recipients receive the information in one post run.

The date must be the date that the item is posted or collected through Royal Mail.

Don’t use standard mail boxes. Royal Mail franking machine mail should be placed in the dedicated franked mail boxes.

Royal Mail have single aperture boxes are for traditional mail. Franked mail boxes frequently have two openings and are labelled as franked mail only.

Franking machine consumables are easy to obtain from an accredited business supplies firm like IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston.

Smart technology franking machines must use blue ink. Only the standard meter machines can still use red ink.

Franking should be in the top right hand corner, clear and readable.

Include your address on the franking label so that undelivered mail can be returned to you. This can be programmed for placement on the reverse or face of the envelope.

Royal Mail suggest that you set the franking machine to 0.00 value to test the ink and when you’re satisfied that ink levels are adequate start processing your mail. If it’s illegible, faded or partially printed then processing delays are probable.

See? It’s as easy as learning how the new microwave works!

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